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At Growval, we are looking for committed, responsible and energetic trailblazers to be part of our team and contribute to our mission of building a sustainable future and creating long-term stakeholder value.

Job Opening

Title: Manager, Business Development and New Initiatives

Location:London, United Kingdom

Salary:£45000 - £60000

Interested candidates with requisite eligibility, are requested to send in their resumes with a cover letter to info@growval.com by 30 th September 2022.
About the Role

Growval is looking to hire a Manager, Business Development and New Initiatives to lead global expansion plans, forge new strategic partnerships and work on fundraising efforts globally. This role will be reporting to the management team of Hold Co. An ideal candidate should have a diverse global experience, with a strong focus execution combined with marketing and fundraising.

In this role, the new hire will engage deeply with the leadership team at the holding Company to identify new areas of growth across global markets, strategic partnerships as well as working on fundraising for the next phase of the Company’s growth. The new hire will also be expected to augment group-wide revenues by closing new business opportunities, bringing new clientele, expanding our service offering through strategic partnerships, and finding opportunities for market entry in target geographies, i.e. the Middle East and South Asia.

Skills required
  • Independent and critical mind
  • Strong and Innovative management style
  • Meticulous, Proactive and Adaptive
  • Strong Leadership
  • Integrity, commitment, and goal-oriented approach
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Networking Skill

Experience required
  • At least 2 years’ experience in a similar role
  • Demonstrable track record of Entrepreneurship
  • Demonstrable ability of Strategic Fundraising in Global Markets
  • Deep understanding of Public Policy and Geopolitics
  • Proven track record of meeting challenging targets
  • Proven ability to build, manage and develop key stakeholder relationships.
  • Experience of developing and implementing strategic and business plans
  • Effective dissemination of information to large and diverse groups
  • Track record of bringing innovative creative thinking and fresh ideas to an organisation and/or its services.
  • Knowledge of the fundraising environment
  • Exceptionally convincing and persuasive written and oral skills with the ability to present and convey complex ideas and issues clearly and coherently
  • Ability to secure Senior Management and Board approval for strategy
  • Demonstrable ability to evaluate the type of initiatives and programmes within the scope of the post and initiate, develop and deliver new initiatives that build on their successes.
  • Highly self-motivated and able to work autonomously, take initiative and make decisions.


1. Business Development Responsibilities

  • Driving increasing business revenue, identifying and developing new opportunities and building and expanding the company's and its brands' presence.
  • Tracking new markets and emerging trends, recommending new products and services, proposes and developing new strategic partnerships
  • Building and growing solid relationships with external customers in order to bring new business opportunities to the organisation.
  • Researching emerging trends and recommending new company offerings to satisfy customers’ needs.
  • Identifying opportunities for the business to grow and increase profits.
  • Finding potential partnership opportunities for the business to expand its reach and/or improve its processes.
  • Extensive travel to Europe, Middle East and other Emerging Markets.

2. New Initiatives / Fundraising Responsibilities

  • Conduct research on funding sources
  • Develop multi-year and annual capitalization plans to meet the organizational growth plans
  • Prepare persuasive reports and presentations for internal and external audiences
  • Identify and cultivate investors from the banking, private equity, family offices and sovereign wealth funds corporate including outreach, presentations, program structuring, funding applications, and reporting.
  • Presentations to various external stakeholders and follow up meetings to close potential fundraising leads.
  • Conduct ongoing communications to establish and maintain investor engagement utilizing key internal leadership to broaden engagement.